Surveying Methods


By far our largest volume of enquiries over the winter months is about condensation, its an ever increasing problem in our super insulated homes that lack natural ventilation,

There are several things we may recommend to alleviate the problem, such as installing a Positive Input Ventilation unit or extractor fans to the kitchen and bathroom that incorporate a humidistat, or advise on simple simple life style changes.

We can also install electronic data loggers in the property which automatically record relative humidity over a period of time, on completion of the data logging the results are analysed and a full report provided to the client.

Initially when carrying out a survey for dampness in a property we use non invasive methods with a Protimeter MMS meter ( Moisture Measurement System) its a great piece of equipment in the right hands for on site analysis, but they do like any meter have their limitations.

All to often a client who suspects they have rising dampness will call out a contractor who will turn up and then proceed to stick his meter in the base of the walls in question and then state you have rising damp and need it injecting or tanking with only the briefest of inspection.

We may recommend more invasive techniques to establish the exact cause such as carbide meter tests, salts and laboratory analysis, in our reports we can also provide photographic evidence to back up our findings if requested.

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